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02 October 2011 @ 09:44 pm
Finally watched the first 4 eps of the new Kamen Rider show and I have to say I quite like it. The characters are fun to watch. The main character is funny. Love his personality. The girls aren't annoying...well, except for the cheerleader chick. Didn't really like her but she turned out alright. The main girl is cute. Also like the emo girl. The fight scene between Kamen Rider Fourze and the scorpion monster was epic. Love the scorpion attacks. So far, really enjoyed it.

The only thing I can't stand is the Kamen Rider Fourze suit. I don't like it. I think it's the cone shaped helmet. Other than that, love the show. Is quite funny and very entertaining.
14 June 2011 @ 11:35 pm
Really enjoyed this movie even if there were no bed scenes but at least we got 2 kissing scenes and I do mean real kissing scenes. Probably the best kissing scenes I've scene for any bl movies....I think.

I do like the Misu x Shingyouji couple. I also like the Yoshizawa x Takabayashi couple...they should do a movie on this couple. The actor who plays Takabayashi is adorable. I like him. The actor who plays Yoshizawa would have been perfect if he had a deeper voice. Kept thinking his voice does not match his face.

Anyways, can anyone tell me why Takabayshi told Yoshizawa that he won't be watching his tournament and that Yoshizawa should know why....well, I hope Yoshizawa knows why cos I sure don't. First off, he tells Yoshizawa that he loves him and all that but then adds that he won't be attending his boyfriend's important tournament....really didn't understand that part or am I missing something?
Contains spoilers....

Finally watched the Tumbling drama after all this time procrastinating. When I first heard about the drama, I wasn't too keen on wanting to watch it even if it had eye candy and all.

But anyways, did finally watch it the other night and I just wanna kick myself for not watching it earlier. Absolutely love the series. I wasn't expecting it to be this good but it was. Lotsa boys and gang fights. It's similar to Gokusen but much better and the story reminded me of Slam Dunk but instead of playing basketball they do rhythmic gymnastics. The story is interesting cos it focuses on each of the characters.

Speaking of characters, my favourite is Kiyama played by Daito Shunsuke, cool, loner type. In the past, his friend died saving him from some gangsters so eversince then he's kept away from people not wanting to be friends with anyone incase they get hurt because of him. He spends a lof of time with blood and bruises on his face cos he's always getting beaten up. When Wataru tells him that they'd go get revenge, Kiyama would always tells him not to bother. Also, at the end, when the others are at the tournament, Kiyama goes off by himself to stop Akabane and his gang from interferring. Was hoping Kiyama would would kick ass but instead he just begs them and lets them beat him up instead. I mean, what is the point of that. After they beat him up, they can just continue on their way. Seriously, he should have fought back. He may not havw won against so many but at least take some down with him. Ah well, they were trying to teach something here...violence is bad...mmmkay

Another thing that caught me by surprise was that they had a gay character, Mizusawa played by Yanagishita Tomo. There were some hints early on but I thought Mizusawa hated Kiyama cos he would always avoid him. Only when they showed Mizusawa's student ID containing a photo Kiyama did I think...'hang on, he's got the guy's photo...does he like him?'

And lo and behind, the reason he's been avoiding Kiyama is because he liked the guy ever since he first saw him. But he didn't want anyone to find out cos then he would have to quit the team since he thought no one would want a gay person on the team. Ep 5 had me on the verge of bawling my eyes out. Seriously was so sad. If this was a bl show then they would have gotten together. But damn, Kiyama told Mizusawa that he can't accept his feelings but he wants to remain friends. Well, we do get a bonus of that bath scene in ep 8 when Mizusawa and Kiyama were packed together like sardines. Seriously, they were that close to each other I thought Mizusawa was sitting on Kiyama. And they were naked. Skin contact. Although we don't get to see anything that can't be shown on tv.

Actually, I thought maybe Kiyama and another character Satoshi were gonna be an item (even if it's not a bl show). Like when Satoshi was suffering from his condition and needed medicine, Kiyama happened to walk by and saw him him. Then Kiyama piggybacked him home. Satoshi asked Kiyama not to tell anyone about his condition cos he didn't want anyone to find out. Satoshi also stood up for Kiyama when the rumour of him killing someone spread through the school. Mizusawa did too but not as obvious. Satoshi was also the one who invited Kiyama to join the club. I love Kiyama. He talks really nice and gentle to Satoshi. They would make a cute couple...big gangster guy and small weak looking uke.

Overall, really love this series. Better than Gokusen.
13 February 2011 @ 10:30 pm
After watching several fancams of the Idol Athletics, I've become a JinKi x JunHyung supporter. I don't really know Beast members since I'm not that much of a fan. I do like to watch them dance but they kinda look intimidating. Never would have expected them to be friends with SHINee. I think it's cute though. The adorable Lee JinKi playing around with JunHyung from Beast. They even shared the same drink. Apparently JunHyung was sick but JinKi didn't mind drinking from the same bottle. Also find it cute when JinKi was talking so much and JunHyung just sat there and listened to him.

Been trying to find some fanfics of them but it's so rare.
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09 February 2011 @ 03:31 pm
Don't you hate it when you wake up early and you're all dressed up ready to go out and then try to start your car...but the thing doesn't start....grrrr
Am absolutely in love with Inakamono's voice after him sing the song 雪の名残を with Seriyu. At first I heard Seriyu sing and thought not a bad song but I don't like female vocals....then I heard a soft male voice sing and he sounded absolutely breathtaking. His voice was so beautiful it made me melt.


Ever since I heard the vocaloid song 流浪の民 have been hoping that a male singer would sing it and tada....Darumaya did. Absolutely love it. His voice is soooo good.


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21 January 2011 @ 12:24 pm
Recently I've become really obsessed with the korean group SHINee.  My favourite is Onew (Lee Jinki), leader of the group.  All the members say he's a really kind leader and he lookd it too.  Very cute.  He's a bit clumsy though.  Trips, falls and bumps into things and does the weirdest things at times but that just makes him more adorable.  It happens so often that the members even made up a song about it.

On one of the Star King ep, when Kang Hodong was doing jumps and the floor was banging ringing really loud, Onew went and tapped on the floor.  When Kang Hodong asked what he was doing, he said ,'It said it's ok." Meaning the floor said it was ok.

Also, he's got the cutest smile.  I love everything about him, clumsiness and all.

On one of the radio shows, they were asked who was the scariest when they're angry.  When they were deciding, Onew claimed that he was but the others immediately told him that he was not scary at all.  He reminds me of Leeteuk, leader of Super Junior.  Even though he's leader, the members still bully him and he's too nice to do anything about it but it's all good.  Jonghyun even said that Onew's very kind hearted so if anyone wants to bully, then they can bully him (Jonghyun) instead of their leader.  How nice is that.

The boys are so caring owards each other which is what I love seeing.  They hug, hold hands and get all comfy with each other.

Being a yaoi fangirl we can't forget all the lovely pairings.  I love Onew x Minho and Onew x Taemin.

Onew x Minho because we see a lot of times where Minho is comforting Onew even though Minho is younger.  Being the leader Onew looks out for everyone else so Minho decides to be the one to look out for him.  Awww, how nice. 

Minho used to look really pretty and cute but now he's kinda more manly and sexy.

And Onew x Taemin because the oldest and youngest is just so cute together.

Onew x Key is also another popular pairing.  Key is such a diva.  I love watching him dance to girl songs.  He's really good.

They're a cute bunch of boys, that's what they are. 
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01 January 2011 @ 12:00 am