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23 October 2011 @ 05:34 pm
My new obsession - Infinite  
Recently have become an Infinite fan after listening to their latest song 'Paradise.' Absolutely love this song. I think L is the best looking one but he's so quiet. My favourite is the vocal of the group, Woo Hyun. I really like him. He's so fun to watch especially in Sesame Player and he sings really good too. I love watching them sing live.

Sung Gyu - he's the leader of the group, can be quite scary when he's angry
Dong Woo - looks intimidating on stage but is really easy to pick on
Woo Hyun - sexy on stage and very playful
Hoya - looks intimidating on stage but is really calm and easy going
Sung Yeol - funniest guy ever, when together with Woo Hyun become a mischeivious pair
L - looks good at every angle, very cute but sometimes tends to be in his own little world
Sung Jong - youngest and always gets picked on