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Warning: Do not spank the bad boy

...it will only excite him

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my love is activated.

Have an obsession for boys who like boys T_____T

Love the greatness that is YAOI! Thanks to my collection of BL Dramas...pity I don't understand much of it...but who needs to when it's YAOI!

Will always love Gokusen 2 for Ryu x Hayato.

Am a huge DBSK fan thanks to Hero Jaejoong. He is the prettiest creature that has ever graced this earth.

Love all my boys...all 20 of them including 4 YoSD boys, 3 MSD boys, 1 DOT boy, 1 Dolkot boy, 4 CP boys and 7 SD13 boys.

After watching the Boys Love 2007 movie am so in love in Kanno Atsumi. He plays Amakami Sora. He's soooo pretty and he has good hair, kissable lips and such an adorable smile. Even when he's crying he's still so pretty. Gawd I love this movie. And I love him. So pretty.

Also obsessed with Kanesaki Kentarou who plays Sanada Genichirou from RikkaiMyu. He's so manly and so perfect as Sanada. I love his sexy manly voice and body...hahaha... Actually love the whole Rakkai cast. They're hilarious in the backstages.

Totally obsessed with Makoto x Kiyoi from RH Plus. Yuu Miura as Makoto is soooooo cute. Hassei Takano as Kiyoi is soooooo sexy. I love them so much. I want them to get together.

And to top it all off, think I'm becoming an obsessed Okada Junichi fan after seeing him in the movie Fly Daddy Fly with Tsutsumi Shinichi. This movie beats most bl movies in the bl department even if it isn't a bl movie. I love this movie. And my gawd, he's so hot in SP.

Boy obsessions include Hidenori Tokuyama (Kamen Rider Kabuto), Yuichi Nakamura (D-Boys), Satoshi Tsumabuki (Dororo movie), Atsumi Kanno (Boys Love 2007 Movie), Yuu Miura (RH Plus), Hassei Takano (KR Ryuki/RH Plus) and Okada Junichi (V6).

Am totally in love with Onew (Lee Jinki) from SHINee. He is sooooo cute. Find him adorable even if he tends to be a bit clumsy most of the time.

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